Pantona is a messaging app that enables real-time messaging, audio and video calls, groups and conferencing.


Introducing Pantona – Your Gateway to Effortless Communication!

Pantona is a revolutionary chat, message, voice, video, and meetings application designed to simplify and enhance your communication experience. With Pantona, staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Send and Receive with Style:
Pantona allows you to send messages and attachments with style and flair. From text to multimedia, share your thoughts, photos, videos, and documents effortlessly. Express yourself creatively with our range of emoticons and icons to make every conversation memorable.

Create Groups, Unite Your World:
Forge deeper connections by creating groups on Pantona. Whether it’s for work, hobbies, or catching up with loved ones, our group feature enables seamless collaboration and bonding. Stay informed, discuss ideas, and share moments with those who matter most.

Crystal Clear Voice and Video Calls:
Experience crystal-clear voice and video calls with Pantona. Bridge distances and bring loved ones closer with our top-notch audio and video quality. For remote teams or virtual meetings, our video calls ensure effective and engaging conversations every time.

Connect and Collaborate as a Team:
Pantona empowers teams to collaborate effortlessly. Share updates, brainstorm ideas, and work on projects in real-time. Our secure and reliable platform fosters productivity, ensuring everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are.

Effortless Group Voice and Video Calls:
Organize group voice and video calls with ease on Pantona. Whether it’s a team meeting or a virtual hangout, connect with multiple participants simultaneously. Enjoy seamless communication, regardless of the size of your group.

Privacy and Security You Can Trust:
At Pantona, we prioritize your privacy and security. Your conversations and data are protected with encryption, giving you peace of mind that your personal and professional communications are safe and confidential.

Join Pantona today and unlock a new level of communication. Experience a platform that brings joy and efficiency to your everyday conversations. Download Pantona now and embrace a world of seamless connections!

We are crafting awesome digital products !

Borderless Security is a custom Network, Security and development services firm based in United Kingdom. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of Network, Security and software development. Our experienced staff of professionals has worked with a wide array of Vendors, platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects.

Quite simply: we Design networks, Secure it and software developments. However, unlike most other companies, we realize that’s only part of the job. We don’t just Design, Secure networks and software developments… We develop professional full service. This is why our clients choose Borderless Security. Many companies can find designers, network professional and programmers to generate code. However, few have the experience to produce professional quality service.

We are Borderless Security

Borderless Security established in 2013 and have its headquarters in UK. We serve clients across the world using technology experts as enablers to make the world a safer place. Partnering with the sharpest minds and best universities to offer and achieve a World Class level of services.

As a global information technology company, we connect decision makers to a dynamic network of security expert, accurately delivering business and homogenous solutions to customers around the world.

We design secure networks and excel in software developments. Whilst those are the fundamentals bricks in building sustainable solutions, we realise that having a broad and more encompassing approach gives us the edge on our competitors. Our goal, providing and accompanying our customers in a flexible way during their journey towards digitalization. At Borderless Security, we do not want to be just another provider, but create a real trust and be your partner.

Borderless Security

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